Vintage / Deco Engagement Rings

Generally vintage and vintage inspired jewellery, fall into 3 main categories; Art Deco (1920’s to mid 1930’s), Retro (mid 1930’s to 1950’s) and the Modern Era (1960’s and newer). If a piece of jewellery looks like a piece from a bygone era, it’s considered vintage inspired.

Art Deco pieces can generally be described in one word-bold! Bold, geometric precious gems (diamonds were considered the stars of the gem world) with their accents like black onyx; makes as much of a statement as women did at the time. You’ll also find Egyptian inspired design around this time such as, Tutankhamen’s tomb which was discovered in 1922. Platinum, silver and white gold were the most popular settings during this time.

If you think Retro is more your pace, you’re enjoying the style motivated by Hollywood glitz and glamour. Diamonds rose to their former glory in the Modern era, and the availability and use of platinum settings was more common. You’ll find engraved finishes and a lighter feel and cut in the jewellery of this era. The rise of the middle class meant more demand for precious stones, and you’ll find an abundance of gorgeous accessories reflecting this trend.

There is nothing like elegant, vintage inspired jewellery to celebrate that special someone, no matter the occasion. A vintage inspired engagement ring speaks from the heart, and symbolizes the care and thought put into an everlasting and shimmering symbol of commitment and hope for the future. If you’re looking for something as exceptional as the wearer, matchless and unique but, also handmade and inspired, look no further.

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