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Vintage coping saw

The very first tool I picked up at collage was a jeweller's saw. Given a bundle of tiny saw blades and a couple of pieces of brass sheet I was instructed to saw straight lines. Sounds simple doesn't it? Not a single line I produced was straight, and I broke every single blade in that bundle of 12. I went on pierce wobbly curves, egg shaped circles and rectangles that were perfect trapezoids. With practice I learned to saw and pierce effectively. It's a skill a jeweller uses often and one that we must master. I have come to love the soothing motion of a blade cutting through metal, the slow progression of a line moving forward. I prize the ability to create intricate patterns in metal that resemble Spanish lace or interlocking tree branches. It's quite meditative really, losing myself completely in my work, time passing without notice, that fabled state of "Flow". I find myself drawn to makers who pierce metal and would like to share some of their work with you.

Piercing snowflakes by Alastair Crombie

Pierced snowflakes by Alastair Crombie of Made You Look Jewellery.

Silver brooch by Abigail Percy

Pierced silver brooch by Abigail Percy.

Plasma cut steel wheelbarrows by Cal Lane

Technically not jewellery but Cal Lane's plasma cut steel art is incredible!
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