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UP Live 2 Followers of Made You Look on social media will know that last year we organized our first ever clothing swap among the jewellers in our studio along with interested friends and family. The idea was born after viewing the film The True Cost. For those who have yet to see the movie, it illuminates the fact that we consume over 80 billion pieces of new clothing each year – an astronomical increase from years ago. This new era of cheap readily available clothing is known as ‘fast fashion’ because it’s abundant and offered at rock bottom prices, which ultimately makes us treat it as disposable. UP Shop 2 These easily discarded items of clothing are piling up in land fills or being returned back to the countries where they were produced by predominantly underpaid workers. These practices, and this new fast fashion industry, is fraught with cultural and socio-economic issues that we will not be tackling in this blog post! But we are doing what we can. Up Pop, was born from the original clothing swap idea which taught us how it is possible to extend the life of a garment by giving gently used clothing a second chance. This time we wanted to reach a wider audience and fulfill a need we saw in this area of second-hand shopping. Namely, we sought to show that many more people would shop this way if it weren’t so daunting to hunt through rows ad rows of second hand items at big box thrift shops around the city. UP Mom Daughter To make this second-hand shopping experience more enjoyable, we carefully curated a collection of clothes for re-sale in a boutique setting. And the response was amazing! We believed these clothes deserved a second chance and based on our turn out and positive feedback, the public did too. We are now motivated more than ever to keep up popping!... so stay tuned for our next event. Follow us on Instagram for updates and info. Or you can get in touch via UP Hat  
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