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Yesterday I wandered around the One Of A Kind show for over 4 hours!  A tradition here in a Toronto since 1975, the OOAK runs until December 8 at the Direct Energy Center and showcases the work of 800 + artisans. I always find gifts for the people on my list at OOAK, here are some suggestions for the people who might be on yours.

  1. For the budding fashionista - a stunning dress from Redfish
  2. For the foodie - the best tasting spring rolls from Saigon Soul Food
  3. For the student - a leather and felt satchel perfectly sized for a laptop from C comme Ca
  4. For those friends who just bought a house - a walnut serving platter from Swaine Street Woodworking
  5. For your best friend - a modern knit scarf from String Theory
  6. For the friend who is crazy loyal to their Toronto hood - a typographical map from Dave Murray
  7. For your niece who wants a tattoo but is just too young - an awesome sweater from Laura Kapp
  8. For your dad who always says he doesn't need anything - a watch from Scott Wilk
  9. For the baby in your life - a handcrafted bib from Mallybibs
  10. For the friend who is crazy loyal to their Toronto hood - a typographical map from Dave Murray
  11. For your pampered pet - a stylish jacket from Rover
  12. For your Santa cookies - a bright ceramic plate from Colours by Chris
  13. For Santa - not just your average cookie from Mary's Courmet
  14. For that special man in your life - handmade undies from Bangers and Mash
  15. For your lawyer brother-in-law to sign all those legal documents - a snakewood pen from Richard Boucher
  16. For your mum a pretty piece from one of the Rising Stars of OOAK polymer clay artist Karen Pasieka whose jewellery line Subtle Details is now available at Made You Look
  17. For your cousin who loves the sea - a woodcut print of a giant squid from Graham Blair
  18. And finally, a reward for all that shopping - a creature to hold your ring collection from Grace Eunmi Lee
  19. Oh, just one more thing, perhaps a little something to add to that ring collection from any one of the Made You Look Jewellery artists at OOAK this year, Aimee Kennedy, Pamela Lauz, Melanie Leblanc and MoonRox.
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