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 Put your text here Here at Made You Look we were very excited to host our second clothing swap of the year last week, and are looking ahead to future swaps in 2016! For those new to a ‘swap’, it is basically a bunch of friends, colleagues and community members getting together to swap their gently used garments, shoes and accessories. Not only is it fun to drink wine and socialize, it’s also exciting to find some amazing new clothes from super fashionable ladies for free! Why a clothing swap you ask? What does that have to do with jewellery? Good questions. Made You Look is built on quality jewellery and accessories that are one-of-a-kind and handmade by talented local designers. We are not a big box store, and are not churning out the same product over and over again. When you make a purchase from our store you are paying for quality, time, talent and the experience as a whole. parkdale_events_hand_made_jewellery_design_toronto_002 Placing value in quality over cheap knock-offs, which lets face it is harder and harder to resist, is something we wanted to nurture and extend beyond the store. put your comment here in this space parkdale_events_hand_made_jewellery_design_toronto_004 You may have heard the term ‘Fast Fashion’ kicking around lately, which is essentially referring to the abundance of cheap retail items that are wreaking havoc on the garment industry and garment producers behind the scenes. Not to mention the fact that this type of bargain fashion has essentially become disposable. So cheap you can toss after one wear. And then where does it all go? These are not topics we can tackle here in our humble blog. But I think you get the point! Less disposable items, less landfill waste and we’re doing the planet a small service.parkdale_events_hand_made_jewellery_design_toronto_005 And so the clothing swap was born.  BTW there is an excellent documentary on Netflix right now called The True Cost which is a must watch! We’d love to hear your thoughts on fast fashion or clothing swaps. Be sure to leave your comments below. 
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