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jewelley_cleaning_jewellery_toronto_jewellery_services_002 We know how much you love your jewellery and keeping it looking as good as the day you bought it is important. Here are our insider tips and tricks for keeping those gems looking as good as new.
  1. Put your jewellery on before your perfume, hair products or makeup. Fragrance and chemicals can dull jewellery, especially coloured gemstones, over time.
  2. Remove jewellery before any rough work or if using harsh chemicals, like cleaning agents. This will avoid chips and other damage.
  3.  Store jewellery in plastic baggies, soft pouches or fabric-lined boxes. Sterling silver for instance will tarnish when not being warn.  Keeping jewellery separate and not allowing different metals to mix will help keep the metals in its original state. And don’t forget that no jewellery can withstand living in the bottom of your purse!jewelley_cleaning_jewellery_toronto_jewellery_services_003
  4. Switch it up. Jewellery is not indestructible and can wear down over time. Try not to wear the same piece each and every day to avoid disappointment.
  5. Keep it clean. The easiest way to clean metal jewellery is to use an old toothbrush, baking soda and water. Make a paste and gently brush the jewellery to remove any tarnish. This is also a safe method to use on jewellery with pearls, stones and beads. Handy Tip: Do not clean jewellery over your sink!jewelley_cleaning_jewellery_toronto_jewellery_services_001
  If you’ve completed the cleaning steps outlined above and still see stains or discolouration it’s probably time for a professional cleaning. Stop in to Made You Look where our trained staff is here to help. No appointment necessary!
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