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burning-laptop We know that online shopping is convenient and available to every connected consumer but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Shopping in your sweats from your couch sounds amazing but not every “virtual store” is created equal and you can quickly fall prey to some very unpleasant realities.

1. Shipping Fees

While it seems convenient and affordable to have a purchase shipped right to your door, you need to pay close attention. Many stores charge the same fee regardless of package size, or a separate fee for each item shipped in a multiple order. Some companies simply jack up the prices for online items. Sounds expensive.

2. Sizing

Sizing is a major issue when shopping online because, you guessed it, you can’t try it on. This is as true for jewellery as it is for other fashion items. If you are spending a significant amount and or surprising someone with that special piece, the last thing you want is for it to not fit or for the hassle of returns or exchanges. Being able to try on ahead is ideal but being helped by an experienced sales person in a reputable shop is next on the list of best outcomes.

3. Not as Advertised

Pictures and descriptions online can be confusing or down right fraudulent. There are plenty of unscrupulous sellers hiding behind a seemingly good product with little integrity or concern for quality or professionalism. We’ve all heard someone with a “not as advertised” story or read about it online. Someone thinks they’re getting an amazing Persian rug only to discover it’s a mouse pad! Check out this link for hilarious pics of online shopping gone wrong.

4. Payment Issues

Have you been at the final stage of your check-out only to wait for slow loading pages, error messages or no indication that your payment went through? The worst! Some click-happy customers can even get double billed by clicking the submit button twice and not realise until their card is charged. Nothing but headaches.

5. User Experience

There is no comparison between the experience of online and IRL shopping (that’s internet speak for “in real life”). The reason is that the former is cold, disconnected and static. Even the most dynamic website with flashing images and virtual sales people in pop-up windows is never going to replace the experience of interacting with a human in a physical space, with sites, sounds and a life unto itself. Retail is increasingly taking a back seat to shopping online which makes it all the more interesting to engage with retailers that are “in it to win it”. To win your business, a bricks and mortar shop needs to offer outstanding customer service; engaging, informed and courteous staff, and one hell of a product. This is Made You Look in a nutshell. If you don’t believe us, just come in and see for yourself!

Don’t forget the enjoyment of strolling through a vibrant neigbourhood, made special by its unique offerings. Choosing to shop online threatens that retail landscape.

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